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Sep 24, 2023    Pastor McCauley Austin

We know that superficial things can effect our judgment and consideration of things. It is why we have the timeless, "don't judge a book by its cover". We do, though, and many graphic designers are happy we do, as are the authors whose sales are impacted by a design that catches one's eye and resonates with their sensibilities. 

Due the fact that we do judge with sight, seeing the amount of words Peter allots for addressing wives in comparison to what he allots to the address of husbands can lead us to think that what he had to say to the wives was of greater importance than husbands. While Peter has less to say to husbands, the teaching is of equal value.

In this message we set out to show that while he uses fewer words, Peter says a whole lot. Hopefully, we will be able to walk away with some deeper understanding of the Text, vision for applying Peter's teaching in our lives and an appreciation for Peter's efficient use of language.